Students can upload here proofs of their interactive activities on Oportunidance SOCIAL MEDIA channels (Oportunidance Facebook page or group, YouTube or Dailymotion channels, Twitter or Google+. 

Each pack of 5 proofs (links to their posts) brings them one badge

Posts have to be related to the Oportunidance Project topics: Foreign languages, Dance, Intercultural communication


POSTS are crucial in the Oportunidance Project, as they contribute to consolidating the Oportunidance plurilingual and multicultural community & network! This kind of interactivity gives users the possibility to use and test their language and intercultural competencies. In addition, posting can help users to meet new people, learn new things, open them to new opportunities, dance more & better! You know the saying: Take more chance, dance your dances!

Posts have to be in one of the 6 languages of the project (French, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Romanian, English). If they are in other languages, they have to be accompanied by a translation in one of the 6 languages of the project.