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About the Oportunidance Language Platform

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About the Oportunidance Language Platform
by Roxana Barlea - Tuesday, 30 August 2016, 7:47 PM

Dear users,


Welcome to Oportunidance Project Language platform!


Here is some useful information you need to know before enrolling in our courses and starting to learn with us.


1.     PASSWORD. In order to enrol in each course, you need the password. It is: oportunidance.

2.     STRUCTURE. Our platform contains lessons in 6 languages, each of them divided into 3 levels: A1, A2 and B1. To learn more about language levels, you can go here. 

3.     WORK IN PROGRESS. Please note that our courses are work in progress! This means that every month you will find new courses and new activities for each language!

4.     TIME. Each level in each course contains 20 lessons. For each lesson you will need about 2 hours of learning (going through the lesson, watching videos, listening to audio materials, doing language exercises, searching the new words in a dictionary, repeating etc.)

5.     COMPLEMENTARITY. Please note that our activities are meant to help you to consolidate your language skills or to acquire some new skills. However, they are not enough to reach a new language level.

6.     CONTESTS. In December 2016, February 2017 and April 2017 we organise 3 contests in which you can earn a place to one of our Multiplier Events. One of the criteria is to earn as many badges as you can on this platform! Badges are prizes you earn when:

a.      you complete your profile (compulsory fields: Name, Surname, E-mail address, Institution, Description, City, Country);

b.     you finish a course on our platform or

c.     you complete specific activities. These activities are to be discovered when you go through our lessons.

Don’t forget, the more badges you earn, the more chances you have to join us in our adventures in Lisbon, Brussels and Bucharest!!!

7.     SOCIAL MEDIA. When learning a language, it is important to interact with native speakers. We created Oportunidance social media so that you can meet people from other countries, talk to them about dance but not only, share with us your questions and your contributions. This is a fun way to learn from each and every member of the Oportunidance community! So follow the Oportunidance Project FaceBook page, join the Oportunidance FaceBook group, subscribe to our YouTube Channel or to our other social media, such as Twitter, Google+ or Dailymotion. Like us, comment and share our posts whenever you like something we do! Thank you in advance!

8.     CONTACT. If you have specific questions related to one of our courses, please send a message at The topic of your message has to be very specific, starting with the language and the level aimed at (ROMANA A1 exercise 5…). If your question is related to a specific activity on the platform, please send us the link! Thank you!


Let’s learn & have fun together!